By Joel Hillan

DENVER (CBS4) — The Colorado non-profit Be the Gift ( will be participating in the year’s Xcel Energy Day of Service on September 7.

This weekend they were doing what they do all the time, serving a single mother in Denver.

“I wasn’t expecting this big of a crew so I’m grateful,” said Sandy Amaro, a single mom.

“This house has been a blessing in so many ways, but the yard work is overwhelming,” she said.

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She is getting help from the faith-based organization Be the Gift.

“Single moms get nominated to us and then we match the skills of the volunteers with the work that’s there,” said Be the Gift Project Manager Christian Walter.

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Walter organized a group of 12 volunteers to replace Sandy’s front door as well as some baseboard in her bathroom and take care of some work in the yard.

“It’s an exhale is how I kind of view it, so a single mom can go, ‘Oh my gosh, that is done and taken care of,” said Walter. “It just warms your heart and makes you feel alive for lack of a better term.”

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Morgan Trujillo came ready to work, “I have a chain saw in case I need one, but right now I’m just pulling weeds.”

Morgan has been helped by Be the Gift, so this is her opportunity to give back as a volunteer

“As a single parent, knowing that there are other single parents, I want to teach my kids that this is how we work as a community,” she said.

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Giving back is something Sandy wants to do as well.

“I’m being served here and I know that I’ll be also joining this group at some point down the road to pay it forward and help other single moms who might need some help around the house,” said Sandy.


Joel Hillan


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