FRISCO, Colo. (CBS4) – Verizon Wireless is building a new cell tower in Frisco, according to the Summit Daily. The company says the tower on Main Street will improve network coverage for people who live and work in the area.

Frisco employees reported poor cell service last year and took matters into their own hands. Frisco’s marketing and communication director, Vanessa Agee, started making calls to Verizon, urging the company to address the problem.

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“It started around April 2018,” Agee told the Summit Daily. “We noticed some really particular problems. We were unable to access anything involving data — anything from emails to social media, or just looking something up on a website. We had phone call issues, as well. Someone would call, you’d hear them for 20 seconds, and you’d no longer be able to hear them.”

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Employees began filing complaints to the Federal Communications Commission, after Verizon said there were no plans for a cell tower, and it would take three years until a new one would be built.

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The new tower is under construction at 417 Galena Street Alley. Officials expect the project to be complete by mid-October and fully operational by the end of the year.