By Tori Mason

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – 5G coverage is growing nationwide, and some Boulder residents are worried that the next generation of wireless will hit their city before enough research is done.

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“Nobody really understands all the implications of 5G. The potential health and safety aspects of it it just haven’t been studied,” said Boulder resident Tim Schoechle, author of “Re-Inventing Wires: The Future of Landlines and Networks.”

Schoechle wrote an entire book about the developments in wired and wireless technologies, and still prefers his landline.

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“I used wired service whenever I can. I use a mobile phone when I go out somewhere, if I need it,” said Schoechle.

Earlier this year, the City of Boulder agreed to a 10-year contract with Verizon that allows the company’s antennas be placed on the South Boulder Recreation Center. Verizon says they have not announced plans to launch 5G in Boulder, but the deal has residents worried about what’s to come. Most are unsure about the health risks that come with 5G emissions.

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“It’s not just that,” said Schoechle, “What are the effects of all the radiation on agriculture? Insects? On everything?”

After requests from concerned residents, The City of Boulder scheduled a two-hour study session with knowledgeable panelists to ease their worries with education. While they hope to answer many questions, some won’t have answers until more research is done.

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“There are some studies that do indicate there’s a good reason to be concerned about it,” said Schoechle.

The City says they are not aware of any wireless carriers with plans to launch 5G in Boulder within the next year. The study session is being held at the Boulder Municipal Center on Tuesday from 6-8 p.m.

Tori Mason

  1. J G says:

    RF emissions degrade exponentially from the source, thus the strongest point is the cell phone itself placing the control of emissions in the hands of the individual user. If individuals are concerned then they have the options of turning the phone off or placing the phone further away while active (speaker mode or headphones).
    A side by side comparison shows that the 5G systems have less RF emission than current systems motivated by the desire for more power efficient communication methodologies.
    These facts are often ignored by individuals with anti-5G motivations such as politics, economics, ignorance, or ego.

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