By Rick Sallinger

BAILEY, Colo. (CBS4) – A woman is trying to gather support for what she calls a movement against hate after swastikas were drawn on a church and business in Bailey. It was an ugly scar smeared upon a place of worship, The Platte Canyon Community Church.

(credit: CBS)

The paint may be gone, but the thought of that message of hate remains. Karen Z. Brass heads the website

“I have my heart here at this church because of the people who serve and our involved, it hurts my heart to see that message spray-painted on the youth door,” Brass said.

Karen Z. Brass (credit: CBS)

She is calling on the people of this community to speak out about what’s been happening.

A few years ago there were swastikas appearing at a Jefferson County middle school. One student showed CBS4 a swastika another student had drawn on his arm.

A young girl brought the issue before the Jefferson county school board saying, “I am constantly dealing with anti-Semitism and that Hitler was a genius.”

(credit: CBS)

A U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights investigation cited CBS4 reports. It found there was an anti-Semitism problem at the middle school, but “insufficient evidence” that the district discriminated.

Episcopal archbishop Robert Wise lives in the area part of the year and condemns the symbols of hate.

Robert Wise (credit: CBS)

“It must stop lest we create an environment in this country where we become so different from what our heritage is all about that we create a monster without realizing it.”

Brass put it this way, “There is no time to waste. Hatred spreads like a disease and so we can’t allow it to spread it roots. There are a lot of roots right now,” she said.

Rick Sallinger