By Michael Abeyta

DENVER (CBS4) – There’s been a lot of debate around whether teachers should be armed to protect their students, but at Colorado Krav Maga they say the only arms teachers need to take down a gunman are the ones attached to your shoulders.


It isn’t P.E. class but it is plenty physical. On Saturday a handful of teachers gathered at Colorado Krav Maga in Denver to do a little learning of their own. Sharena Del Brocco is a middle school teacher who attended the class. She says she did it for her own safety and the safety of her students.

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“So that I would be more aware of how to help my students if they are in need,” Del Brocco said.

They are learning self-defense from the experts because these days teachers never know when they might need those skills to protect their students.

Co-owner of the gym Shannon Lukeman-Hiromasa says this is just one more tool teachers need to have in their tools box these days.

“It’s unfortunately a part of what teachers need to know,” she told CBS4 reporter Michael Abeyta.

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Del Brocco says learning Krav Maga has given her confidence in times of uncertainty.

“I’ve been in situations in school where you think someone is there that’s not supposed to be there — or, in fear of protecting my own students — so I knew that coming here would be beneficial for me,” she said.


The class was free and the teachers learned not only how to punch and kick, but also how to disarm a gunman and how to use a TASER. Shannon says providing this free class is the least she can do for teachers.


“It’s super important for us because we’re parents as well to make sure that our kids are safe and that teachers have the tools to help out in a situation if they have to,” she said.

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Colorado Krav Maga plans to have another training session in September when the school year starts. It will again be free for teachers.

Michael Abeyta