(CBS4) — Wildlife officials, conservationists and dozens of volunteers hiked up to 2.5 miles carrying greenback cutthroat trout up Dry Gulch on Tuesday. Each backpacker carried 13 fish and dropped them off at different locations to help Colorado Parks and Wildlife stock the stream.

Aquatic biologists with CPW and personnel from the Forest Service and Colorado Trout Unlimited organized the effort to stock Colorado’s state fish in the headwaters of Clear Creek.

(credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

Around 800 greenback cutthroat trout were delivered by the Mt. Shavano Fish Hatchery in Salida.

The fish — all yearlings — are 4-6 inches long.

Aquatic biologists expect about 40% of the fish to survive.

“That may sound low, but it is actually quite well,” CPW officials tweeted. “It is biology and nature and that is how it is supposed to work, this is an encouraging project.”

(credit: CBS)

Things haven’t always been good for these fish. Twenty years ago they were thought to be extinct. That is until a group of them were discovered in a section of Bear Creek southwest of Colorado Springs. CPW has been breeding them since 2010.


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