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DENVER (CBS4)– Nestled in Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe, Su Teatro is a little place with a big message. Actors at the Latino-based theater say they take pride in helping tackle important topics through art.

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The cast of “Northside” is doing just that. The brand new, smash hit play is bringing light to topics like gentrification and LGBTQ+ rights. And they couldn’t be more excited to do so in a place that has been their home for decades.

“We’re proud because it’s a culmination of a lot of things that the Teatro has been doing for the last 47 years,” said Angel Mendez-Soto, a long-time actor at the theater.

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“It’s been such an honor to be part of this production,” added actor Andrea Renteria.

The play is especially personal to her as a Northsider. She says, for her, it’s all about preserving culture.

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“People are coming in and changing it to what they want it to be and getting rid of some of the things that we remember as the Northside,” Renteria told CBS4’s Mekialaya White.

And the play doesn’t only delve into issues concerning Denver residents.

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“It’s also a love story. It’s a couple of love stories,” said Renteria.

The cast says audiences can expect to experience feelings of nostalgia, excitement, and plenty of laughs with their production, which continues through the end of the month.

LINK: Su Teatro (303) 296-0219

Mekialaya White


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