(HOODLINE) – Wondering where Denver’s insiders are eating and drinking? It’s easy to spot lines out the door, but some underlying trends are harder to see. We took a data-driven look at the question, using Yelp to deduce which local businesses have been most discussed this month.

To find out who made the list, we looked at Denver businesses on Yelp by category and counted how many reviews each received. Rather than compare them based on number of reviews alone, we calculated a percentage increase in reviews over the past month, and tracked businesses that consistently increased their volume of reviews to identify statistically significant outliers compared to past performance.

Read on to see which spots are worth exploring, right now.

The Well

Open since 2015, this bar and Italian spot, which offers pizza and more, is trending compared to other businesses categorized as “Bars” on Yelp.

Citywide, bars saw a median 1.6 percent increase in new reviews over the past month, but The Well saw a 6.3 percent increase, maintaining a convincing 4.5-star rating throughout. Moreover, on a month-to-month basis The Well’s review count increased by more than 250 percent.

Located at 3210 Wyandot St. in Highland, The Well offers artisan pizza such as The Bird (chicken, basil, red onions and pesto), The Bronco (sausage, spinach, artichoke hearts and garlick) and the B.A. (meatballs, garlic and Romano cheese).

Briar Common Brewery + Eatery

Whether or not you’ve been hearing buzz about Jefferson Park’s Briar Common Brewery + Eatery, the brewery, venues and event space and New American spot is a hot topic according to Yelp review data.

While businesses categorized as “American (New)” on Yelp saw a median 1.5 percent increase in new reviews over the past month, Briar Common Brewery + Eatery bagged a 5.7 percent increase in new reviews within that timeframe, maintaining a strong four-star rating. It significantly outperformed the previous month by gaining 2.8 times more reviews than expected based on its past performance.

Open at 2298 Clay St. since 2016, Briar Common Brewery + Eatery offers attractive beer and food options. Beers available include the raspberry honey blonde, the Broken Bridge IPA (grapefruit juice centered) and the 40 Pound IPA (orange peel, pine and floral flavors). When it comes to food, expect to find burgers, fish and chips and flank steak.

Pepper Asian Bistro II

Highland’s Pepper Asian Bistro II is also making waves. Open since 2018 at 3759 Lipan St., the well-established Chinese, Asian fusion and Thai spot has seen a 9.3 percent bump in new reviews over the last month, compared to a median review increase of 2.8 percent for all businesses tagged “Asian Fusion” on Yelp.

Pepper Asian Bistro II features a menu of soup, salad and entrees, including beef, chicken, pork, seafood, Thai curries and fried rice and noodle dishes.

Over the past month, it’s maintained a solid 4.5-star rating among Yelpers.

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