COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)– A mother in Colorado Springs was carjacked and beaten, reportedly by a man who mistook her car for his. It happened in a parking garage in downtown Colorado Springs.

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The victim says a group of people were waiting as she and her friends returned to her car, a Scion TC. She said that’s when Ignacio Medina started yelling in her face that the car belonged to him and to give him the keys.

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“I obviously had my keys that unlocked my car, that turned on the car and my license plate is from out of state, I kept pointing that out to all of them,” she said.

The victim’s friend started recording the interaction on her phone.

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“I thought they were just drunk and then the man ran up and just started shouting at me, saying he paid cash for his car,” said the victim, who has not been identified. “My baby’s stuff was in the car: his car seat, his toys were in the back of my car. I had pink boxer gloves on my mirror. It’s just crazy that he really thought, and his friends were hyping him up saying, ‘It is your car, It is your car,’ and it wasn’t.”

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Ignacio Medina (credit: Colorado Springs)

According to court documents, Medina, 21, pulled the victim out of her car when she tried to leave. He struck her multiple times on the head.

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“It was a really, really tough situation to be in and if I didn’t know how to defend myself, who knows what they would have done to me,” said the victim.

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Police say Medina drove away in her car and crashed it. He was arrested by police and faces multiple charges including assault, robbery and DUI.

“It’s my only transportation for my son so it was really just an awful feeling that someone could just run up to me and take it,” the woman said.

He was arrested by police and faces multiple charges including assault, robbery and DUI.

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Police were able to find Medina’s car, parked in the same garage but one level above the victim’s car.
m’s car.