By Shawn Chitnis

ASPEN PARK, Colo. (CBS4) – A family woke up to a surprising sight outside their home early Tuesday morning — a bear trapped inside one of their cars.

“At first it was extremely shocking,” said Shane Materkowski. “I thought there might be a couple in there.”

The family dog first heard the noise and then Materkowski and his parents soon noticed it as well. They saw fogged up widows and the car rocking back and forth but it wasn’t two people inside, it was a bear.


They remember noticing it just after midnight and calling the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies soon asked Colorado Parks and Wildlife to assist with the call.


“He didn’t know how to get out so he started thrashing the inside of the vehicle,” Materkowski said.

The doors to the cars were unlocked and bears can latch open a door. They can also pick up a scent miles away. A reminder to lock doors and never leave anything that smells inside your car.

“It was kind of shocking to see how big he actually was once he was out of the vehicle,” he said.


An hour after first calling about the bear, both agencies were able to safely open the door and let the bear out without any issue.


While the damage is minimal on the outside of the car, the bear destroyed the inside. Panels were torn apart and some of the doors no longer can open or close.

“I’m honestly still baffled this happened, I still keep thinking this is a dream,” Materkowski said.

Shawn Chitnis


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