By Jeff Todd

DENVER (CBS4) – A family-owned Colorado company is hoping to see more growth thanks to store shelf space at Walmart. Green Goo is a line of products made from organic, herbal ingredients and replaces everyday needs like hand lotion, first aid ointment and more.

(credit: CBS)

“Our goal is to make organic more affordable and more available” said Jodi Scott the CEO of Green Goo by Sierra Sage. “It does look very promising.”

CBS4’s Jeff Todd interviews Jodi Scott (credit: CBS)

The company started when Scott joined forces with her mom and sister about a decade ago to find an organic solution to many of life’s everyday needs.

“We started making more products that were versatile, portable and 100% natural,” Scott said. “Each product has its very own specific blend of herbs that we’ve identified to have a specific symptom objective we want to achieve.”

(credit: CBS)

Jen Scott is a trained herbalist and Jodi has a pre-med education. They started out at farmers markets, selling their first aid salve and quickly stores wanted the product too. The 2013 floods slowed things for the family, but now they’ve met with Walmart several times and want to see their product grow into thousands of stores.

(credit: CBS)

“We always say, ‘plants with purpose.’ Every single product is very specific to a purpose,” Scott said.

Jeff Todd


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