DENVER (CBS4)– So far this year, eight people have been killed while on a motorcycle in the City of Denver. Police are trying to prevent any more deadly crashes from happening by launching a safety campaign.

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“The injury and fatality rate is much higher with motorcycles,” said Lt. Robert Rock with Denver Police Department’s Traffic Investigations Unit.

“In the last week, we had two single rider fatalities and one very serious injury crash that involved another vehicle,” he said.

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The office of the Medical Examiner for Denver said Friday afternoon those two single-rider deaths were Brandon Federighi, 25, and Matthew Gora IV, 23.

Rock said for the year, eight people have died on motorcycles in six separate accidents on Denver streets, and summer just began on Friday.

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“When summertime comes you see all of the vulnerable road users using the roadway. You see pedestrians, cyclists, you see scooter riders, and you see folks who are on the low-powered scooters and the stand-up scooters and the motorcycles.”

For drivers the recommendation is to keep your eyes up, out of the trappings of distraction in the car, and be aware of what is going on around you.

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For riders, “Get some extra motorcycle training. That is worth its weight in gold.”

Rock said police in Denver aren’t allowed on motorcycles for official duty until they have completed two weeks of specialized training. Because when you are on a motorcycle, there is little room for error.

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“In the grand scheme of the crashes, we don’t have as many crashes, but when we do they’re bad.”


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