ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – A group that trains teachers, administrators and other school employees how to stop an active killer and administer medical aid is holding a three-day class this week in Adams County.

The non-profit group FASTER Colorado will facilitate the training class on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It includes a simulated school shooting scenario.

FASTER Armed Teacher Training (credit: CBS)

“Colorado law already allows K-12 school staff to carry a concealed firearm on campus, provided they are designated by their school board, or charter school board, as a school security officer. They are also required to obtain proper training,” said Laura Carno, Founder of FASTER Colorado. “We provide them world-class training.”

Carno said over 150 school staff members in Colorado have earned the designation.

Karl Donnelson, a science teacher in rural northeastern Colorado, spoke to CBS News last year about going through FASTER training. Donnelson said he felt he had to get the training and carry a gun in the classroom because the nearest law enforcement office is 25 minutes away.


“Teachers in the classroom, they are always the ones that are going to be the first to respond,” Donnelson said.

He keeps a 9mm Glock handgun in his boot.

“At FASTER training they teach us how to fight them off and then get to your weapon,” Donnelson told CBS News.

Officials with FASTER say the training is not intended as a replacement for police and EMTs.

“Instead, it enables on-site personnel to save lives through prompt action,” officials stated.

FASTER Colorado launched its first training class in 2017. The cost is $1,000 per person but scholarships are available, according to the website.


  1. Cari Cox Bayens says:

    This is very unbiased reporting only reporting FASTER’s opinions and ignoring the facts. Arming teachers ignores research that shows the presence of a gun increases the risks posed to children. A national guide published by the federal government’s chief legal, law enforcement, public health, education, and emergency management agencies cautioned that allowing civilians to carry guns in schools is not a sound security practice. In fact, armed civilians have put law enforcement in danger, delayed law enforcement responses, and posed a risk to innocent bystanders during active shooter crises.And this doesn’t even begin to discuss the cost to our already financially stressed school districts.

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