DENVER (CBS4)– A man who is accused of offering rides to men as they walked alone near bars has been arrested for sexual assault. Investigators with Denver police believe there may be more victims linked to Tobias Favela.

Favela, 50, faces six counts of sexual assault. The alleged assaults happened between November 2013 and January 2019.

Tobias Favela (credit: Denver Police)

Investigators say Favela would offer rides to men who were alone near bars and nightclubs late at night. In each case, Favela would then sexually assault his victims in his vehicle.

The incidents known to police happened on Nov. 2, 2013, Feb. 27, 2016, March 19, 2018, April 1, 2018 and Sept. 22, 2018.

Investigators linked the cases through similarities that include the victim description of the sexual assaults, consistent descriptions of the suspect’s high-pitched voice, location of the assaults, telephone numbers and matching DNA from each assault.

Police arrested Favela on June 14 and he was charged by the Denver District Attorney on Tuesday.

Police are concerned there may be other victims who have not reported the assault. Victims are strongly encouraged to contact the Denver Police Department’s Sex Crime Unit at 720-913-6040 or visit Seek Then Speak online where they can report sexual assaults, anonymously if they wish, and find out about other resources.


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