By Tori Mason

DENVER (CBS4) – With June around the corner, most people aren’t thinking about their furnace. However, Colorado weather can be unpredictable. It hasn’t snowed this much in Denver late May since 1975.

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Peter Hansen doesn’t mind the cold, but now he can’t escape it. Hansen and his neighbors have been living without heat in The Royal Oak Condos at 10th and Corona for more than a month.

“It was 30 degrees outside Monday morning. I went in the bathroom, turned on the light and I could see my breath!” said Hansen. After turning two space heaters on, his thermostat reached 55 degrees Tuesday afternoon.

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Hansen says the HOA voted to turn the heat off in April, days after a blizzard. Hansen is in his 70’s. He worries about his neighbors who are much older.

“They had one 80 degree day, so they turned the heat off. Previous boards turned it off too, but they turned it back on,” said Hansen, “The longer they don’t have to put the heat on, the more money they save.”

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Hansen uses two space heaters and a heated blanket to stay warm. He says he pays around $1,300 per month for rent, now he’s spending more on electricity trying to stay warm.

Neither Hansen nor his unit’s owner received help from the property manager, Emily Bresina. Bresina told CBS4 it’s the HOA’s decision when to heat the building. She says the board is aware of the complaints, but will not turn the heat on due to cost.

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According to the City of Denver, there are still housing regulations regarding temperature. The city told CBS4 they will perform an inspection of the premises on Wednesday.

Tori Mason


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