By Romi Bean

LOS ANGELES (CBS4) – Two of the Denver Broncos top picks from the 2019 NFL Draft, Noah Fant and Drew Lock, got into a fender bender at Los Angeles International Airport — but don’t worry, THEY’RE FINE! Lock told TMZ the incident happened on a shuttle that was set to take them from the plane to the terminal.

(credit: CBS)

Lock joked when he was asked about the situation by the TMZ reporter that he and his teammate have taken worse hits on the football field.

Romi Bean

  1. Glenn Rogers says:

    Why are you trying to make something out of nothing this had nothing to do with ether one of them. just the driver in the shuttle they were in. You are already as bad as the enquirer. and that is bad.But that is how low you have gotten now. To bad you use to be the best but you have done nothing but go down down down now

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