DENVER (CBS4)– Grizzly bears are making themselves at home at the Denver Zoo. The exhibit is open to the public.

(credit: CBS)

The bears have moved into their new exhibit called Harmony Hill. It mimics two natural areas for the bears; one a state park and the other is a typical Colorado back yard.

(credit: CBS)

For the bears, it’s really about getting a new place to play after moving out of their old exhibit, Bear Mountain.

(credit: CBS)

“Day one they used all the features, they swam in the pools, they dug in the dig pit, they played with all their toys, they sat in their hammocks… they were instantly comfortable,” said Becca McCloskey with the Denver Zoo.

(credit: CBS)

The zoo has two rescued grizzly bears, Tundra and Kootenai. Zoo keepers hope the exhibit will help educate people about living with bears and wildlife.


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