By Tori Mason

DENVER (CBS4) — RiNo’s Beloved Community Village, also known as the Tiny Homes, began its move to Globeville Monday morning. It’s a day the Colorado Village Collaborative has been looking forward to, and one many neighbors hoped would never come.

(credit: CBS)

Cole Chandler, co-director of Colorado Village Collaborative, says they’ve spent seven months trying to get the village moved.

“We stick a forklift under a tiny home, put it on a trailer and drive it down the street,” explained Chandler, “By the end of the day tomorrow, hopefully all these homes will be on the new site.”

(credit: CBS)

This new location at 4400 Pearl Street will allow the village to expand to 20 homes, as well as build a community kitchen and bathroom facility with plumbing.

Luna Raine is one of the original Tiny Home Villagers. She’s excited to see her community grow, but knows many of her new neighbors would prefer they grow someplace else.

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“Trying to create a good relationship with your neighbors is hard when you have to move every few months. Plus, we are moving to an area that had a lot of pushback, which I’m quite worried about. At the same time there are people in the area that are for us. I’m trying to focus on that,” said Raine.

Signs throughout the neighborhood still read “No Tiny Home Village in Globeville.” Some villagers will be able to see them from their windows.

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“When will we stop just getting what every other neighborhood doesn’t want?” asked Globeville native Jazz LeRoux.

LeRoux says they were never asked if they wanted to have the village in their neighborhood.

“We have a lot to offer and I’m sorry that area has been oppressed for so long, but we don’t have anything to do with that,” said Raine.

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The Colorado Village Collaborative hopes to have everyone moved back in by May 24th. They know it will take time for Globeville to adjust to its new Tiny Home neighbors.

“We’re going to do our best to be a positive part in the community. Hopefully over time some of those relationships will begin to mend,” said Chandler.

Tori Mason