DENVER (CBS4) – “Sweat” is a Pulitzer Prize winning play that doesn’t pull any punches about how the working class is treated in America. The Denver Center Theatre Company is performing the drama in the Space Theatre through May 26, 2019.

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Set in Reading, Pennsylvania where factory work is the fabric that holds the community together. As the economy turns, layoffs become the norm and the community starts to unravel. People’s livelihoods are brought into question, and that forces relationships to dissolve.

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“Work is being shipped out, and people being dispensable. People who’ve been there twenty-years,” said Tara Falk, who plays “Tracey” in the play.

“Yeah, 30…40,” Cycerli Ash interjected.

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“Pensions on the line, salaries on the line, livelihoods, eating,” Falk continued.

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Ash plays “Cynthia”, “Tracey”’s best friend. But as the workforce changes, the two are at odds.

“We’re best friends. Our kids grew up together. We grew up together,” Ash told CBS4.

“We grew up together and something gets thrown in their way that tests their friendship,” Falk explained.

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This personal story sets off the disillusionment of the entire community as these workers come to understand that the jobs they’ve been dedicated to and drawn their self-worth from for years, are easily cut without a second thought to their futures.