DENVER (CBS4) – Colorado is going through a rebranding phase which will divide the state into eight regions, each with a new name. The Colorado Tourism Office and Colorado Tourism Board hope they will better showcase all the Centennial State has to offer.

(credit: CBS)

“We really wanted to create some romance and interest around what a traveler might find,” said Colorado Tourism Office Director Cathy Ritter.

Cathy Ritter (credit: CBS)

The organizations have been working with a private company to help rebrand regions of Colorado.

“What we ended up with were eight new travel regions with names like The Pioneering Plains instead of northeast and Pikes Peak Wonders instead of south central.”

(credit: CBS)

Other region names include, Mystic San Luis Valley, Mountains and Mesas, and Rockies Playground.

“They’ll see a name like the Great West and say, ‘What kind of western experience might I find there?'”

(credit: CBS)

An itinerary full of lesser known, but also uniquely Colorado adventures awaits for interested adventurers.

“They range from a three-day experience to a 10-day experience in the Mountains and Mesas region.”

The hope is to maintain interest in popular travel destinations while at the same time adding new energy and life to the overlooked or undiscovered.

(credit: CBS)

“What we would like to see is a lift in the amount of economic impact in those less visited counties. We have a lot of strategies that are pointing toward that goal and that would count for success.”

The tourism office says each year, tourism generates more than $20 billion in spending, supports 171,000 jobs and brings in more than $1 billion in tax revenue.

LINK: Colorado Tourism Office

Joel Hillan

  1. Robert Chase says:

    Hype, hype, hype — all most people understand anymore.

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