By Jeff Todd

ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4) – The Arvada Fire Protection District is teaming up with a Colorado tech company to revolutionize how paramedics train.

“I had never put on Virtual Reality goggles before,” said Captain Robert Putfark with AFPD. “It was mind-blowing. It was really cool.”

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Health Scholars has started creating training scenarios for medical professionals that can be hard or tedious to do the old fashion way.

“We expect to be able to train a very large audience with this type of technology,” said Dr. Brian Gillett, the President and Chief Medical Officer for Health Scholars.

On Wednesday, Paramedics were getting a chance to work on advanced cardiac life support.

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“This is a hospital-based scenario and this gentleman is coming in for a procedure to get a pick line in. And while he’s there he has some cardiac issues. So, you’re basically following the cardiac issues and dealing with each issue that comes up,” said Captain Putfark.

(credit: CBS)

While the training is perfect for doctors and nurses, Health Scholars is working with AFPD to make the next generation trainer. One that would mimic real-life scenarios for EMTS.

“We’ll be developing an application where EMS arrives at a home, perhaps a dog is barking, the lighting may not be right. And then start caring for a patient,” Dr. Gillett said.

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Right now, medical professionals need to receive training on cardiac life support every two years, but the American Heart Association is now recommending every 90 days to keep skills sharp. Health Scholars is hoping the increased training will mean their simulators are a perfect choice.

“They can train daily if they like,” said Dr. Gillett.

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