By Michael Abeyta

“Scarlet Bandit” Dawn Creten and other monster truck racers will be driving at Broncos Stadium at Mile High in Denver on Saturday. Get more info at

DENVER (CBS4) – Dawn Creten’s life is trucks. She says, “I’m a monster truck racer. I’ve been doing this for twenty years.”

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(credit: CBS)

She’s known as The Scarlet Bandit and for her monster trucking is a family affair.

“I met my now husband who drives The Bounty Hunter monster truck at a state fair in North Dakota. He was at a monster truck show and I was at a concert. We met later that evening, started traveling with him about a week later. Got the opportunity to drive his second truck about six months later and been doing it ever since,” she said.

(credit: CBS)

Dawn and her husband Jimmy also raised their kids on the road in the monster truck circuit.

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“It’s all they really have ever known. When they meet new people their first question is what trucks do they drive,” said Dawn.

(credit: CBS)

Even though life on the road can be rough for a family, with all the traveling and occasionally leaving each other behind, Dawn has made it work because she never thought about doing anything else.

“It was never anything I imagined myself doing but when I got the opportunity I just had to try it of course and I loved it from the get go,” she said.

(credit: CBS)

She wouldn’t trade it for the world because it helps her keep her sometimes hectic life together.

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“As soon as you get in it everything goes away. Adrenaline takes over,” Dawn said.

Michael Abeyta