DENVER (CBS4)– State lawmakers are debating whether to allow sports betting in Colorado. The Supreme Court recently lifted a ban on sports betting, which clears the way for individual states to legalize it.

Rep. Alec Garnett, a Democrat representing Denver, introduced a bill that would allow companies that already operate casinos in Colorado to offer sports betting at the casinos and online.

Copter4 flew over the state Capitol (credit: CBS)

Former Denver Bronco Ryan Harris said players want it legalized as much as fans.

“Gambling is happening at a rate of nearly $20 billion a year by some estimates, so there’s some new revenue to be had for states and there are ways for states to protect people who may have gambling issues by making sure there are procedures in place to only gamble what they have,” said Harris.

It won’t happen overnight. Voters still need to approve a tax on the operators’ proceeds. If they don’t, betting won’t happen.

  1. Great news! i hope colorado legalize sports betting

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