By Chris Spears

DENVER (CBS4) – With news of a pending spring snowstorm I’ve heard a lot of chit chat about getting lawn fertilizer put down before the rain and snow arrives on Wednesday. But one expert says while that is a good idea, it may not be necessary.

Snow and flowers (credit: CBS)

Cassie Anderson with the Colorado State University Extension Office in Adams County says the benefit of fertilizing before a big storm is that water from Mother Nature is free, saving you money on your utility bill. The rain and snow will allow the fertilizer to soak in and really benefit your yard.

But if you applied a fall and winter fertilizer, which is the most important application of the year according to Anderson, then an early spring fertilizer isn’t necessary because your lawn is already set up to grow. If you see or suspect that your lawn has disease do not fertilize it because that will prompt the disease to spread.

If you need to apply a spring fertilizer Anderson says to apply no more than about a half pound per 1,000 square feet. She also advises that a great time to aerate your lawn is right after a big, soggy storm, adding that lawn aeration is very important for a healthy yard and is something that many people fail to do.

For more advice be sure to call your local county extension office by searching the directory linked here.

(credit: CBS)

Chris Spears