By Matt Kroschel

GRANBY, Colo. (CBS4) – After 22 years, Granby Ranch was put on the real estate market. Months into the sale, it appears they’re closing in on a deal.

It’s what everybody’s talking about up in Grand County: what will the future hold for Granby Ranch?

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On the closing day for this season, those questions linger stronger than ever before.

“I’m looking forward to tomorrow, but dreading tomorrow at the same time because when I walk up those stairs tomorrow, I’ll go like, ‘Where is everybody?’” Greg Finch, COO of Granby Ranch, said.

For Finch this closure signals the beginning of what could be some big changes at the little ski hill.

(credit: CBS)

“Could be a game changer for here,” he said.

“What would that mean?” CBS4’s Matt Kroschel asked.

“Capitol. Capitol…” he replied.

CBS4’s Matt Kroschel interviews Greg Finch. (credit: CBS)

The current owners say they are working on a deal right now, and the person they say wants to buy, remains unknown to the public.

“Every three days there’s a new rumor. We heard IKON was buying, no. We heard that Vail resorts was buying it, no. We heard Winter Park taking it over, no,” Finch chuckled.

(credit: CBS)

This season brought Granby lots of snow, and they report strong sales and they were able to even open early due to new snowmaking.

“We had an awesome season. I think everybody in the state is going to say it was a record breaker and I will say it too it was record breaker for us,” Finch said.

Matt Kroschel


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