AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Personal home assistants like Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa make information and products available at your beckon call. Now companies are taking that technology from your small device and designing it into entire homes.

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Jed Levin has a new “smart home” in Aurora, and told CBS4 the technology it contains was a big reason why he purchased it when he moved to Colorado from California.

“The smart home aspect of it was a big contributing factor,” Levin said.

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The house comes equipped with a central Wi-Fi hub and lighting you can connect to Alexa or Google Home. That means Levin is able to control the lights with his voice.

“If I’m reading a book to my kids in bed, during bed time instead of having to get out of bed and go hit the switch, I can just tell Google to turn the lights off. And that wouldn’t be possible without a smart home but it makes bedtime just minutely better.”

Smart homes go beyond controlling lights. They also let the homeowner control the blinds, the thermostat, doorbell and provide a strong Wi-Fi connection throughout the house.

“By providing those standard and by engineering the home from the ground up to include those devices what we’re able to do is make sure they work seamlessly,” said Frank Walker, Denver division president of Lennar Smart Homes.

(credit: CBS)

Levin said a “million little things add up to making your day a little bit smoother” in the house, but he admits the technology sometimes isn’t quite as advanced as he would like it to be.

“Because I’m on the bleeding edge, I’m very tolerant of having to do a little more work to get things working the way I want,” he said.

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