WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS4) – A teenager from Colorado took her fight against Lyme Disease to Washington, D.C. CBS4 introduced you to Olivia Goodreau, 14, in 2016.

(credit: CBS)

She developed the Tick Tracker app after battling the illness herself since she was 6 years old. The app can track and report where disease-carrying ticks are found.

(credit: CBS)

Over the weekend, she presented her app to the Opportunity Project, which is hosted by the Department of Commerce.

(credit: CBS)

“I think that today I was able to bring awareness to a lot of people, and all of those people in that room they were doing something to help the world,” she said.

(credit: CBS)

Along with her White House presentation, her app and others were shown to government agencies searching for effective ways to solve some of the world’s most critical challenges.


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