By Chris Spears

DENVER (CBS4) – Arctic cold will grip the eastern half of Colorado today and tonight with some areas seeing the coldest temperatures for early March in nearly 60 years according to the National Weather Service. Many places on the northeast plains fell below zero Sunday morning including Denver International Airport with a low of -6 degrees.

Due to the bitter cold there is a Wind Chill Advisory in effect for much of northeast and east-central Colorado, including Denver and the I-25 urban corridor, where wind chill values could briefly hit -20 degrees. The advisory covers both Sunday and Monday morning.

There is another chance for snow showers today in Denver and along the Front Range but they will be light with only minor accumulation. The best chance to see additional snow will be this afternoon and evening. The main story is the cold with highs struggling to reach the teens.

Another bitter cold start to the day is in store Monday for eastern Colorado with many locations falling below zero once again.

It’s a much warmer and wetter forecast for the mountains of western Colorado as another batch of Pacific moisture arrives today. More snow is on the way and some places could see up to another foot of powder.

Most mountain areas remain under a Winter Storm Warning through early Monday.

Chris Spears

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  1. John Oakman says:

    Unfortunately most people are too Dumb to understand what the DimoRats have in store for them. All they can hear is”freebies for all”.

  2. Larry Waltz says:

    must be fake news.

  3. Must be President Trumps fault!

  4. J Dc says:

    The parishioner of the Church of Climatology and their high priest Al Goreleone should be embarrassed

  5. Mother Nature refuses to cooperate with the “Climate Scientist” agenda.

  6. Doug Day says:

    HI Denver! How are the panels and pinwheels working out? Oh, natgas and coal you say? We won’t tell AOC.

  7. Stand by to get “triggered” snowflakes… “It’s Global Warming!” hehehehehe

  8. Loren Pankratz says:

    The best scientific evidence indicates it’s likely to get much colder in the coming years. Food shortages anyone?

  9. Hank Smith Jr. says:

    Man can’t change climate.

  10. Dave Park says:

    So, that means either global warming was in effect in 1960, or it’s just winter.

  11. Abel Garcia says:

    The cause is obvious, global warming!

  12. subtle2 says:

    Great Lakes Ice Cover as of March 1.
    This year at 71.3%–last year at 32.5%–2017 at 4.5%.
    As reported by NOAA.
    2017 may have been warmed up by the hot El Nino of 2016.

    1. subtle2 says:

      Opps–an old account name.
      Bob Hoye

  13. There is ABSOLUTE scientific consensus that the is the result of Global Cooling!, err, Global Warming!, err, Climate Change!, err, Global Cooling??

  14. Rick Cramer says:

    First time in 60 years LA has not reached 70d during the month of February. NO Calif running 10d below normal as well. What a forecast

  15. Charles Bronski says:

    NOAA predict on 18th of october 2018 on winter weather conditions for the US
    “No part of the U.S. is favored to have below-average temperatures”. and “Drought conditions are likely to persist across portions of the Southwest, Southern California, the central Great Basin, central Rockies, Northern Plains and portions of the interior Pacific Northwest”.
    to quote “Maxwell Smart” missed it by that much.

  16. Gary Branch Jr. says:

    “The Earth has a Fever” – Al Gore

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