By Joel Hillan

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Almost two years after the murder of a teenager in Aurora, police say they have Arturo Garcia, the 22-year-old suspect, in custody. Ally Raber was 18 when she died in a room at the Knight’s Inn motel in 2017.

Arturo Garcia (credit: Dallas County Jail)

Raber was found strangled to death on the bathroom floor of room 139 at the motel, which is located near Interstate 225 and 6th Avenue.

Garcia, who was her ex-boyfriend, is now in jail in Texas after being arrested in Mexico. Motel records show Raber checked into the motel with Garcia the day before her death. Police believe he fled to Mexico after the murder.

“It kind of restarts the day from July 1st all back over again and everything just floods right back into your mind so you have to stop for a second and think, what’s really going on? Is this real?” said Andy Starrett, Ally’s father.

Starrett describes the moment his wife shared the news that their daughter’s accused killer had been caught.

Andy Starrett (credit: CBS)

“She got here, I was downstairs and she came down with this blank look on her face, which to me was like, ’What’s going on, what’s wrong? And really couldn’t say anything for a second and I asked her again and she’s like Arturo’s in custody.”

For nearly two years, Starrett says he has lived in fear that Arturo Garcia would show up and once again harm his family.

“Is there really justice? I’m not sure. In some sense of the word, there will be and it gives you a tiny bit of closure just knowing that this part is over with and you can finally move on and go about the grief process and missing your kid.”

Ally Raber (credit: Facebook)

Raber’s family told CBS4 the couple had a rocky relationship that included domestic violence. After they broke up, she obtained a restraining order, but the couple reconnected in the weeks leading up to when she was killed.

Starrett says Ally and Arturo’s relationship included domestic violence. After they broke up, she obtained a restraining order, but the couple reconnected in the weeks leading up to her murder.

Starrett encourages all parents to recognize the signs of domestic violence and reach out.

“Don’t hesitate to stop, have a conversation. Don’t give up, don’t stop, you get the truth to actually come forward, you’re probably going to end up saving a life.”

Extradition proceedings are underway for Garcia to be transported back to Colorado. He is facing two counts, first-degree murder and retaliation against a witness/victim.

Joel Hillan


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