DENVER (AP) – Colorado’s Democrat-controlled Legislature has approved a bill to join other states in casting their presidential electoral votes for the winner of the national popular vote. The House voted 34-29 Thursday to approve the bill, which had cleared the Senate.

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Gov. Jared Polis has indicated he will sign the legislation.

Under the bill, Colorado would join 11 states and the District of Columbia in the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Currently, the state’s electoral votes are cast for whoever wins in Colorado.

Opponents say the initiative subverts an Electoral College that currently is designed to ensure smaller states aren’t trampled over when it comes to choosing a U.S. president.

The bill comes after Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential victory over Hillary Clinton, who won 3 million more votes.

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  1. Codswallop Hogwash says:

    Apart from such a move being UNCONSTITUTIONAL this shows how we have been truly Californicated. Even our governor is a Californian.
    And if this were to pass and become law, all of the central United States would lose all of their power to the coasts, where the dumbest people thrive.

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