DENVER (CBS4)– Denver city officials are working on a new program to help prevent crime that actually decriminalizes some forms of low-level crime. It’s called Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion or LEAD.

Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen (credit: CBS)

City leaders say the program works because instead of arresting people for low-level drug and prostitution crimes, officers will help direct them to community services. That includes treatment for substance abuse and job training.

(credit: CBS)

Officials believe LEAD can help people looking for a second chance.

“This gives people the opportunity to seek treatment, to connect with treatment, and get help for their addictive behavior, not a temporary Band-Aid fix,” said Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen.

(credit: CBS)

The program is being paid for by more than $500,000 grant from the Department of Human Services.

The Denver Police Department, the district and city attorney’s office and the Office of Behavioral Health Strategies are working together on the program.


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