JACKSON COUNTY, Missouri (CBS4) — One driver was recording as cars, trucks and semis slammed into each other in a chain-reaction crash during a snow storm on Interstate 70 in Missouri.

(Video Credit: Javon Weaver)

It happened at about 11:30 a.m. Friday on westbound I-70, near Oak Grove, southeast of Kansas City, the Kansas City Star reported. One person was killed and nine others were injured.

At least 15 vehicles were in the pileup and 47 vehicles were run off the road or damaged as a result of the crash, the paper reported.

A Missouri Highway Patrol spokesman told the paper it started with a few vehicles colliding and blocking the lanes. Then, other drivers coming down a slight hill were going too quickly for the conditions and couldn’t stop in time.

The truck driver who captured the video, Jamon Weaver, told KSNT TV it was terrifying.

“I felt like I was in ‘Final Destination,’” Weaver told the television station.

It was seven hours before the highway was cleared and reopened, KCTV5 reported.


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