NEWARK, N.J. (CBS Philly/Local) – Total chaos erupted at a McDonald’s in Newark, New Jersey after a man released a large white rat inside the crowded restaurant last week. A video posted on Facebook, that appears to have been shot by an accomplice, shows a young man, accompanied by a child, walking into the restaurant located at 772 Broad Street on Feb. 5. The man can be seen carrying a clear pet carrier with the white rat inside.

“Let me hold it, let me hold it,” shouts the kid.

The man then walks to the middle of the restaurant, where he opens the pet container and drops the rodent on the ground, before running out.

Mayhem then ensues as several people inside rush to get out.

McDonald’s says they are working with police to identify the person in the video.

“The safety of our customers and the cleanliness of our restaurants are our top priorities. Following this incident, our restaurant staff thoroughly cleaned and sanitized the dining area and contacted the police. We are currently working with local law enforcement to identify the person responsible for this deliberate act.” said McDonald’s owner/operator Celest Quintana. has reached out to Newark Police for a statement but have not heard back.