DENVER (CBS4) – Leaders at Denver Public Schools and the Denver Classroom Teachers Association are meeting again on Saturday in hopes of coming to a deal and avoiding a teacher strike on Monday. Both sides say they would like to agree on a fair compensation contract.

(credit: CBS)

“We have heard that we need more money invested and higher base salaries. Yes! That’s why we have proposed investing an additional $23.5 million into teacher compensation. This includes $10.5 million of cuts in central office, which will result in the elimination of more than 100 positions. We have also offered guaranteed raises for three years, with a total estimated investment of $50 million,” the district said in a news release early Saturday morning.

(credit: CBS)

The teachers union highlighted Friday night’s discussion.

Even with the new meeting on Saturday at 1617 S. Acoma Street, teachers say they will strike first thing Monday morning.

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“I’m really concerned that we have no discussions about money. Money’s one of the big issues that we’re dealing with between their proposals and our proposals,” said Henry Roman, President to the DCTA.

“I think we had a very productive conversation. There was lots of exchanging of ideas. Our team brought forward a proposal with ideas in writing,” said DPS Superintendent, Susana Cordova.

The latest proposal from DPS to the Denver Teachers Classroom Association is on the DPS website along with resources for families.

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