DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Classroom Teachers Union and the Denver Public School District ended Saturday bargaining talks with no resolution, therefore giving way to a strike scheduled to start Monday. DPS officials offered a plan to the teachers union which includes cutting 150 jobs from the central office. The cuts amount to $20 million.

(credit: CBS)

DPS Superintendent Susana Cordova also offered to cut performance bonuses for the central office. Officials say only senior staff are eligible for bonuses at this point.

(credit: CBS)

The offer came after more than three hours of bargaining. The teachers union reconvened after discussing the proposal for more than an hour, but returned and rejected the proposal.

Each side has made proposals which have not been satisfactory for all parties. Teacher’s pay is one of the main sticking points.

This is the first time DPS teachers will strike in 25 years.

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The latest proposal from DPS to the Denver Teachers Classroom Association is on the DPS website along with resources for families.

LINK: Denver Public Schools