DENVER (CBS4) — We didn’t get to watch the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl LIII but we did get to see some local heroes in between plays! The Arvada Police Department was featured in a commercial for Ford and SHIELD616.


“SHIELD616 was founded by and for First Responders with the goal of protecting those who protect us,” the organization states online.

“First, we want to equip every first responder with necessary, advanced active shooter / crowd control gear,” the SHIELD616 website states. “Second, we want to provide a support group for that first responder who will pray for the first responder and his or her family on a daily basis and shower the first responder with support and encouragement throughout the year.”


Day in and day out, law enforcement officers do a tremendous job, often putting everything on the line to keep our communities safe,” the ad that ran during the Super Bowl states.


“Your local Ford stores are proud to support the mission of SHIELD616 by funding 17 full armor packages for the men and women of the Arvada Police Department,” the ad continues. “We’re doing our part to provide the best, most effective protective gear to the officers who do so much for us.”

To learn more about SHIELD616 or make a donation, check out their website.


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