DENVER (CBS4)– Some King Soopers stores in Colorado will soon close overnight. The stores had offered 24-hour shopping.

The grocery store chain will get rid of the round-the-clock hours at 9th and Corona in Denver starting Feb. 5. The store will close at midnight.

(credit: CBS)

Five other King Soopers locations around Colorado, including one in Fort Collins, another in Denver, one in Lakewood and Glendale, will shift their business hours to 5 a.m. to midnight.

King Soopers says the change is due to changing shopping patterns.

  1. Michael Corn says:

    “King Soopers says the change is due to changing shopping patterns.”
    The real reason is that there are so many homeless people that come in and shoplift that the stores have been losing millions of dollars that walk out the door, despite security cameras and guards. In all of Denver, the Walgreens on Colorado Blvd is the only one to remain open.
    The 7-11s are hit with armed robberies and lose millions also.

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