By Eric Christensen

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– She’s back! The first girl to dunk in a high school basketball game in Colorado — Fran Belibi — is now the first high school girl in the country to throw down an alley-oop.

(credit: Glenn Sideline Productions)

“I was thinking to myself like, ‘Wow I was so high I could do this,’” said Belibi, a senior at Regis Jesuit High School. “Then I got it in my hand and was like just put it in, just put it in. Don’t even worry about grabbing the rim so I did, it went in and it was crazy.”

Fran Belibi (credit: CBS)

“To be able to tell everybody hey I’m going to throw her an oop one day and to finally see that go in is the best feeling ever,” said sophomore Avery Vansickle who assisted on Belibi’s alley-oop.

(credit: CBS)

And that one dunk has put Belibi back in the national spotlight.

(credit: CBS)

“Dwyane Wade tweeting it, Sue Bird tweeting it, that’s a huge honor,” said the Stanford Cardinal commit. “And the next day someone said, ‘What’s it like to go viral again?’ I had to stop and think about it because it was my second or third time going viral.”

(credit: CBS)

Belibi’s 15 minutes of fame was supposed to be in 2017 when she first dunked. But the clock hasn’t stopped ticking and neither has she. Belibi’s busy working on her next viral dunk and in the process changing the way people view women’s basketball.

(credit: CBS)

“To me I’m just little old me, said the humble Belibi. “To impact an entire sport that impacts so many people, so many countries and so many continents to be considered changing the game seems far-fetched in my head but I guess I’m inspiring other people and hopefully now we can get some other girls dunking.”

Until then we have the pleasure of seeing what Fran does next.

Eric Christensen