By Dominic Garcia

DENVER (CBS4) – A 25-year-old woman is quickly becoming Denver’s newest fashionista, but her clothing line has a message that goes far beyond the runway. Keaunna Figgers has Down Syndrome, but that has never stopped her from following her dreams.

(credit: CBS)

The goal of her company is to raise awareness and educate others on Down Syndrome, that’s why she named it The C-21 Project.

Keaunna Figgers and her mother Jennifer Billingsly (credit: CBS)

“She picked that because it’s indicative of chromosome 21. People with Down Syndrome have 3 copies,” said Jennifer Billingsly, Keaunna’s mother.

Keaunna loves art, design and fashion. It was her father who thought she could make a business out of it.

(credit: C-21 Project)

Keaunna Figgers was granted a stipend via Denver Vocational Rehabilitation to start her own small business and has been working with Out of The Blue custom printing shop in Denver to make this dream a reality. She currently has a line of t-shirts and water bottles for sale. She hopes she can serve as an inspiration.

(credit: CBS)

“I love kids with disabilities. That’s why I want to make my clothing line, to teach kids how much I love them,” she told CBS4’s Dominic Garcia.

This isn’t the first time Keaunna has made headlines. She was instrumental in passing House Bill 12-1085, the Hearsay Exception which deems admissible statements by developmentally delayed individuals or witnesses.

(credit: CBS)

Her clothing line will be online and accepting orders within the next few weeks.

“She has a lot to teach us. I learn way more from her than she does from me,” her mom told CBS4.

Dominic Garcia