DENVER (CBS4) – Toasting the New Year with champagne or other spirits is a common tradition, but for some that’s not an option. A Colorado nonprofit is helping to provide a sober and safe celebration for those wanting to ring in the New Year without having to drink alcohol.

Duke Rumley and his daughter, Jordan. (credit: Rumley family)

“When I think it was 1989 was the last time I took a drink, still blows my mind.”

Before then Duke Rumely struggled with alcoholism.

“Without realizing it, it was an obsession and even if I planned on not drinking or only having a little, my mind would change its own mind and I would drink.”

His parents would get the young man into rehab, he emerged a totally different person.

Duke Rumely (credit: CBS)

“I had been sober a couple of months, and I was no longer the black sheep of the family, and I hadn’t gotten in trouble in a couple of months and I thought, maybe I’ll try this for a little while.”

That was 29 years ago.

“I’m very proud of him and the journey he’s been on,” said his daughter Jordan who turns 21 next month.

(credit: CBS)

This year, the two founded a nonprofit focused on providing sober and safe experiences in situations where alcohol is common.

“It’s just nice knowing that there’s a safe place that I can go where if I don’t want to drink, and I don’t want to be around that, that I go there and know that I’m safe,” said Jordan.

Jordan Rumley (credit: CBS)

Since June, 1,000 people have participated in 30 different sober events they’ve organized.

“If you don’t want to be around whisky-drunk-guy, then we have a spot for you,” said Duke.

New Year’s Eve, a group will join in a sober tail gate inside the Pepsi Center and then watch the Colorado Avalanche hockey game together.

(credit: CBS)

“There’s 100 of us having a good time, staying sober on New Year’s Eve and that’s pretty amazing,” said Duke.

“It’s been super fun bringing my friends and after they’re like, ‘Wow, I had a really great time with your dad and with all of those people, and I just didn’t really think I could have that fun of a time sober,'” said Jordan.

And the party’s just getting started for this fledgling nonprofit with the New Year bringing even more opportunities for the sober community to celebrate safely together.

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