By Jamie Leary

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – It’s a sight not many would associate with Santa Claus, but for children, it’s excitement overload. On Sunday, Santa and Mrs. Clause arrived to Aurora’s Stanley Marketplace via armored vehicle.

(credit: CBS)

The bearcat, led by an Aurora Police motorcade, drove into an empty airplane hangar with hundreds of wide eyes looking on. The jolly couple got right to work, taking photos and listening to Christmas wish lists.

For the past several years, the Aurora Police Department has put on an event dubbed “Santa at Stanley.” This year was particularly special. In the crowd was a special boy Santa had been waiting for.

(credit: CBS)

“You must be Noah?” Santa asked.

“Yeah, Noah!” said the surprised boy.

“I know all about you. You are a very good child,” Santa told Noah.

At 11 years old, Noah El Nasser is defying all odds.

Noah and his dad Rotley (credit: CBS)

“He’s exceeded, by far, everything that the doctors have said,” said Rotley, Noah’s father.

Noah was born with muscular dystrophy. Doctors didn’t think he would make it to his first birthday, let alone walk.

“He’s an inspiration. Truly to all of us. I think if it wasn’t for him, my life would be in turmoil,” said Noah’s father.

(credit: CBS)

Noah aspires to be a police office. Even though he’s only 11, he has become a huge part of the Aurora Police Department.

(credit: CBS)

“We got you something special, we brought this from the North Pole,” Santa said as he handed Noah a gift bag.

Noah’s eyes lit up. It was an official police radio.

“It just brings a smile to my face every time I see him. He just has so much energy and so much love and passion,” said Santa.

Santa revealed that during the off-season, he and Mrs. Claus are also police officers and know Noah well.

“I think he loves the fact that police care for people and they protect people because he’s a lover. He’s always looking to help other children,” said Noah’s father.

(credit: CBS)

It’s an attitude everyone can learn a thing or two from. Noah said next on his police-gear wish list is Chase, the police dog from the cartoon Paw Patrol.

Jamie Leary


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