LAFAYETTE, Colo. (CBS4) – A little boy and his dog are now safe after falling through thin ice in Lafayette. Witnesses say the boy was playing fetch with his dog on Saturday evening.

(credit: Maria Florlenza)

They say the dog chased the ball out onto Waneka Lake, and that’s when the dog fell into the water. The boy went out to save his pet, but he also fell through the ice. Witnesses rushed in to help pull the boy out.

(credit: Maria Florlenza)

“I was worried from the beginning,” said Maria Florlenza, who watched the rescue effort. “I was concerned that the people trying to help were then going to fall in.”

(credit: Maria Florlenza)

Firefighters arrived and saved the dog.

“He was frantically trying to get to the boy,” Florlenza said.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

The boy suffered some hypothermia, but is expected to be okay.

“It was amazing how just a handful of strangers suddenly came together,” Florlenza said.

(credit: CBS)

Firefighters warn that people should never go out on thin ice to try to save an animal. They say such rescues should be left to trained rescue teams.


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