DENVER (CBS4)– A Colorado state senator has resigned his post after a bathroom controversy. An independent investigation revealed that Daniel Kagan used the women’s restroom at the state Capitol at least three times.

(credit: CBS)

According the investigative report CBS4 obtained, Sen. Kagan, a Democrat representing Arapahoe County, admitted to using the women’s restroom once, saying he had a “gastrointestinal virus” and “the bathrooms at the capitol are a confusing business.” At the time, the bathrooms in question at the state Capitol were unmarked.

(credit: CBS)

Kagan said it only happened once. He accused Republicans of retaliating because Democrats tried to oust one of their members for sexual misconduct.

(credit: CBS)

In a statement, Kagan said, “It’s been a great honor to serve the people of Colorado for just short of a decade. An important obligation of leaders, I believe, is to be open to acknowledging that it’s time to pass the torch to new leadership and, for me, that time is now. I am comfortable with my decision, largely because I know that we have no shortage of individuals in Arapahoe County who would do a superb job of representing the people of Senate District 26.”

  1. There’s more to this story. What is it?

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