LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4)– After a delay, the 16th SpaceX cargo re-supply mission blasted off Wednesday morning. The spacecraft will connect with the International Space Station.

(credit: Matt Brown)

The mission includes an experiment created by Warren Tech/Lakewood High School students in Colorado to help NASA grow food in space. The experiment was one of two to win a national high school level competition run by the Marvel Corporation to place an experiment on the space station.

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(credit: Lakewood High School)

The launch was delayed earlier this week because of moldy mouse food.

The students are trying to solve a problem of growing plants in micro-gravity that may help extend human space travel. A previous launch in 2015 carried a similar experiment by teacher Matt Brown’s class. That hydrofuge for growing plants got clogged because of a rusty bearing.

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This launch delay has nothing to do with the Warren Tech/Lakewood High experiment. Another experiment heading to the ISS included mice.

Here’s where you check the status of the launch:

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