DENVER (CBS4) – As of Tuesday, more than 950,000 Colordans returned their ballots for the Nov. 6 election. Colorado has almost 3.3 million registered, active voters.

(credit: CBS)

The Denver Election Division took the media behind the scenes on Wednesday to show how it’s handling this year’s historic ballot.

The first part of the system is pretty straight forward, gathering the ballots several times a day then separating the ballots and envelopes and then verifying the signatures.

(credit: CBS)

But when the ballots themselves have to be handled, having six pages on three cards means more work for everything from flattening to putting them through the counter. It all takes longer.

“It’s probably only adding maybe a 10 percent extra time for these folks, and we’ve got a really good crew. They’ve been keeping up with our verification room on a daily basis,” said Jocelyn Bucaro, the Denver Deputy Director of Elections.

(credit: CBS)

The people handling the ballots always work in bipartisan teams, and ballots are never handled by a single person.

The commission is always warning, if you are planning on voting on Election Day, you can expect to wait because of the ballot’s length.


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