By Kelly Werthmann

WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4) – Pants or no pants? That is the question.

“My coworkers still have a pool of whether she was wearing pants or not wearing pants,” Ryan Reynolds (no, not the famous actor) said.

CBS4’s Kelly Werthmann interviews Ryan Reynolds. (credit: CBS)

A quick-moving thief captured on Reynold’s home security cameras in Westminster is likely fully dressed, *butt* it’s a strange view not quite appropriate for television. So, CBS4 gave the woman in the video a blurry booty.

(credit: Ryan Reynolds)

“This looks like a soccer mom, and she just stole somebody’s pumpkin,” Reynolds said, describing the crime caught on camera.

(credit: Ryan Reynolds)

It happened Sunday night not long after Ryan returned home from dinner with his family. He got an alert from his Ring doorbell as well as his home security system that there was activity near his front door.

(credit: CBS)

“She didn’t actually come on the porch,” he explained to CBS4’s Kelly Werthmann. “She reached over and grabbed [the pumpkin] and was gone.”

The possibly pantless person picking a pumpkin from his doorstep was gone within seconds. While some may giggle at the ghoulish trick, Reynold’s 5-year-old son was hoping to turn the stolen gourd into a Halloween treat.

“She just walked up onto our porch and grabbed it,” Cameron Reynolds said, telling CBS4 it made him sad. “I just cried.”

Cameron Reynolds (credit: CBS)

Cameron said he loves this time of year because he gets to pick out pumpkins, carve cool faces on them and paint the small ones.

“I picked out every single one,” he said of the four pumpkins that once decorated his front porch.

He also enjoys the fun-filled annual tradition of carving them all as a family. His older brother made sure Cameron didn’t miss out.

“I offered him my pumpkin,” Gavin Reynolds said.

(credit: CBS)

Sure, the family can simply replace the $5 pumpkin — which mom did — but Gavin has a message for the thief, other than always wear pants.

“Don’t steal pumpkins,” he said. “Just buy one.”

To see the original video and to decide for yourself if the woman is wearing pants, check out the original post.

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