By Jamie Leary

DENVER (CBS4) – It’s a belief that has caused serious controversy and sometimes anger among the space community. It’s something the “Flat Earthers” are used to and in November, the Flat Earth International Conference is coming to Denver.

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“I did the first one in Raleigh, NC last year and each year I will be doing a different city in the USA and Canada. I wanted the second year in the USA to be in a city with a large Flat Earth Community such as Denver,” said Robbie Davidson, founder of the conference. “Los Angeles is another city with a very large community around this topic. I will be announcing both FE2019 Canada and FE2019 USA cities at the end of this year’s conference.”

The “Flat Earthers” (different from the Flat Earth Society), are a community of people who, yes, believe the earth is flat.

(credit: CBS)

“We are of the opinion that not only is the earth flat, and I don’t mean there’s not surface features like mountains and stuff… but we’re not on an actual ball. It’s a plain and the outsides of it are being held in. We believe the oceans are being held in by Antarctica, and it is not necessarily a continent so much as it is a boundary that encompasses the oceans,” said Bob Knodel, founder of the Youtube channel, Globebusters.

Denver resident, Bob Knodel, is well-known in the Flat Earth community. The pilot and engineer used to think it was crazy, but has since started to believe the theories.

He invites others to debate and join the Denver conference.

“Investigate it yourself, do your own research that’s what matters,” he said.

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  1. Stuart J. Gray says:

    “Denver resident, Bob Knodel, is well-known in the Flat Earth community. The pilot and engineer used to think it was crazy” I would check your SOURCE for whoever told you this guy is an engineer. I contend it is IMPOSSIBLE to receive an engineering DEGREE and still believe that the earth is flat (and that rockets do not work in space)

  2. badintense says:

    “Thank you for introducing your subscribers to the Flat Earth concept. For those of you new to this, your world is about to change. Everyone laughs at first, but when you’re done, ask yourself this: Can you prove the Earth is a globe without NASA? Because they didn’t invent the globe. Do your own research, and ask questions. Long Live Flat Earth.” – Mark K Sargent

  3. Matt Vollman says:

    Cognitive Dissonance MUST be overcome in order to fully research this TRUTH. Of course I thought it was crazy until I did my own research. Everything this guy said is absolute TRUTH. NASA LIES by using CGI, zero-buoyancy pools, fake mock ups, etc. HUMANITY has a RIGHT to know this TRUTH. Find out for yourselves! Millions of us who have studied this and have arrived at the Flat Earth TRUTH can’t be all crazy or stupid. We figured it out and can’t be fooled any longer. We live inside a Dome structure (Firmament) with Luminaries (stars/planets) embedded that rotates around us each 24 hours. Now, can you guess just WHO created this place for us?!?

    1. Duane Dibbley says:

      You’re an idiot.

  4. David Philip Pina says:

    How do you argue with people who believe in falsehoods? Are these folks missing something in their lives that necessitates something sensational to fill in the gap(s). Do the serious ones seem to be motivated by pseudoscience or religious literalism? Is it almost like the beginning of a new religion? We should spend our time seeking Jesus the REAL TRUTH instead of arguing the shape of the Earth. enough said……

    1. The religion of “scientism” has been in control of real empirical repeatable observable science for quite some time now. Theoretical thought experiments are not reality.

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