DENVER (CBS4) – There is another delay in the case of the FBI agent who discharged his gun while dancing in a Denver nightclub.

Chase Bishop (credit: Denver Police)

It happened in June and was caught on video. Chase Bishop is seen in the video doing a backflip on the dance floor at Mile High Spirits Tasting Room and the gun falls out of his waistband.

(credit: Julie)

When he picks it up, the gun goes off. Police said a man was shot in the leg from the shot.

The attorney for the victim said he was hurt badly with damage to his anterior tibial artery.

Chase Bishop (credit: CBS)

Bishop was in Denver on a personal trip. He was supposed to enter a plea in the case Thursday, but that has been delayed until next month.

He’s charged with second degree assault.

In the past, his attorney has indicated prosecutors have offered Bishop a plea deal.

Comments (2)
  1. Brent Busch says:

    “the gun goes off accidentally”

    negligently* Guns don’t go off by themselves unless they malfunction. This moron pulled the trigger.

  2. James Justice says:

    Federal Bureau of Idiots, this agent is a public safety threat. He discharged a weapon and did not check to see if anyone was injured. Shame on him!

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