THORNTON, Colo. (CBS4) – Thornton’s Mayor Pro Tem is accused of silencing critics of fracking. Jan Kulmann now faces a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court which claims she violated the First Amendment.

Jan Kulmann (credit:

Two plaintiffs say Kulmann banned them from commenting on her public Facebook page. They say she also deleted comments from constituents about Proposition 112.

The City of Thornton says it has not had time to review the lawsuit.

(credit: CBS)

More than 40 mayors are opposed to Proposition 112. They say the setbacks for the oil and gas industry are too restrictive and will kill jobs.

The mayors and others in opposition rallied against the measure at the State Capitol building.

Scott James, Mayor of Johnstown (credit: CBS)

“I’m an activist. I’m an advocate because I see people coming at our way of life, and it ticks me off,” said Scott James, the Mayor of Johnstown. “My opinion is Prop 112 is bad, and we need to sing that to the rafters.”

Supporters of the 2,500 foot setbacks on new natural gas and oil development say Coloradans need to protect people’s health and environment.


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