By Jamie Leary

DENVER (CBS4)– After a quiet few weeks at Fort Logan National Cemetery, thieves are again targeting families in mourning.

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“I don’t know how she could’ve done that, I mean, how could she live with herself?” asked an exacerbated Teresa Canales.

(credit: CBS)

Canales was referring to a surveillance image released by Denver police. The woman pictured was using a credit card stolen from woman while visiting her husband’s grave on Aug. 31.

Canales believes that same woman stole from her father last Sunday.

(credit: CBS)

“There was a couple that drove around him a couple times and stopped and got out and faked argued, as it were, and my father didn’t want to get involved.”

She showed her father the picture of the woman released by Denver police.

“He said that it was definitely her at the cemetery on Sunday. Positive.”

The thieves stole her father’s wallet, prescription glasses and car keys. He was visiting with his wife from Kansas and had no way to reach his family because they were in the mountains look at the leaves.

(credit: Beth Lindeman)

“He didn’t have a phone to call us at any rate; he spent nine hours in the heat of Sunday.”

On Friday, Aug. 31, Beth Lindeman’s mother was visiting her husband’s grave when someone stole her purse from her car.

Denver Police were able to track the credit card and released the photo of the woman who used it.

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Lindeman took to Facebook on her mother’s behalf:

“Here is a photo of the woman who decided to steel everything from my mom’s car while she was crying at daddy’s grave. Please let us know if you have seen her.”

(credit: Facebook)

Canales admits, her father’s car was unlocked but was quick to defend the slip.

“Trust got the better half of him, he should not have left his vehicle unlocked um but he was there to see his parents and you’re not thinking about security when you go to visit a loved one at a cemetery.”

Fort Logan said it patrols the area often, has posted signage and verbally warns visitors when possible. It says it has asked for help patrolling from Denver Police but the department has been able to commit.

Canales would like better security but Fort Logan says it would be impossible to put cameras on all 200 acres. Canales proposed surveillance at just the entrances.

(credit: CBS)

“I would imagine we can get some kind of surveillance and I’d like to challenge them to make this a safer place to be to visit your loved ones.”

Both Lindeman and Canales told CBS4’s Jamie Leary they are hopeful someone will recognize her.

“If you know this woman let her know that what she’s done is unjust and Colorado sticks together and we’ll find you and I’m hoping that you know, you only hurt yourself because my dad’s a strong person and he has a loving family that can help support him and met him through this,” said Canales.

Denver police have an interactive map, which shows the number of thefts (among other crimes) around the metro area, including Fort Logan.

Police are actively investigating the thefts and ask anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP.

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